Our Specialty

Computer Decisions uses Enterprise standards and guidelines that are customized to fit your business model and budget. Our experience and expertise allows us to implement world class solutions that help facilitate reducing your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), capitalizing on capacity-on-demand, redundancy, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity. As a business owner, your focus should be working on your organization’s primary business objectives. Your technology platform should increase your business productivity and not hinder it. We specialize in assisting your organization in making the right Computer Decisions!

Enterprise Architecture – Technology Ecosystems

In today’s modernized business environments, we rely on multiple technology systems. These systems can range from finance, purchasing, HR, communications, collaboration and many more. The applicable systems can physically reside in your office on servers, local machines or within the cloud. In most cases, each of these systems must share data. The data is transferred from system to system by use of human intervention. This can become very laborious, time consuming and costly.

Computer Decisions can better enable your workforce by building opportunities that are both grand and granular. By leveraging our Enterprise Architecture capabilities, we can bring your systems together and create efficiencies that allows your workforce to focus on your core business objectives and not spending countless hours managing vast amounts of data. The outcome of implementing a tailored Technology Ecosystem will ultimately strengthen and increase your bottom line. Let Computer Decisions and your technology do all the work.

Virtual CIO / CTO Services

The daily challenges of managing IT systems and services can be overwhelming. In today’s modern technology society, the wealth of IT requirements is considerably broad. The implementation of a vCIO (Chief Information Officer) or vCTO (Chief Technology Officer), addresses many areas of IT that may be taken for granted. Well beyond the need for managing technology products, the responsibility of a vCIO or vCTO expands into the areas of tying business objectives to technology capabilities. These decisions are based on inheriting a full understanding of both your business needs and technology requirements. The vCIO/vCTO addresses areas such as portfolio management, system analysis & efficiency, lifecycle asset management, IT organization and business alignment, forecasting and roadmap development, security and many other areas of IT. Let Computer Decisions take a holistic approach to managing your IT requirements.

IT Project Management

Basic IT requirements for business are consistently evolving. There is a substantial amount of change being implemented to businesses and their business systems in an effort to stay competitive and sustainable. Managing can this change can be overwhelming. In addition to the normal problems that can cause a project to fail, factors that can negatively affect the success of an IT project include advances in technology during the project’s execution, infrastructure changes that impact security and data management and unknown dependent relationships among hardware, software, network infrastructure and data. IT projects may also succumb to the first-time, first-use penalty which represents the total risk an organization assumes when implementing a new technology for the first time. Because the technology hasn’t been implemented or used before in the organization, there are likely to be complications that will affect the project’s likelihood of success.

Computer Decisions employs basic fundamental lifecycle principals in managing IT projects to include; initiation, planning, execution, monitor & control, and closeout. We are skilled to leverage many of the modern methodologies whether it be Six Sigma, Scrum, PMI/PMBOK, Waterfall, Agile and many others. Let Computer Decisions decide which one is right for your IT project.