IT Project Management

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Our Specialty

Computer Decisions uses Enterprise standards and guidelines that are customized to fit your business model and budget. Our experience and expertise allows us to implement world class solutions that help facilitate lowering your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), capitalizing on capacity-on-demand, redundancy, as well as disaster recovery and business continuity. As a business owner your focus should be working on your organization’s primary business objectives. Your technology should leverage productivity and not hinder it. We specialize in assisting your organization in making the right Computer Decisions!

Remote Worker / Telecommuting

In today’s fast paced workplace, businesses find many challenges with the workforce not living up to its true potential every day. Computer Decisions has developed technology models that keep the productivity levels of your workforce competitive to the rest of the marketplace whether they are in the office, on the road, home based, in transit or out of office unexpectedly. We are able to do this by integrating secure interfaces with your companies data and applications. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, between custom DMZ configurations, combining on-premise and cloud infrastructure, implementing SSL VPN’s, 2 factor authentication, thin client solutions, mobile app integration, and mobility services. Contact Us for more details.

Online Backups Solutions

Is your IT support group still swapping on premise media (tapes) on a daily basis? How secure is your backup strategy? Computer Decisions specializes in a variety of Online Backup Solutions. We customize your backup scenarios based on your key business functions. These backup strategies range from incremental to full, file level to bit level, 24 x 7 real time or synchronized on demand. Our implementation strategy allows for remote access and recovery to backed up data via a web console or mobile app. This will allows the business to mitigate risk and reduce the cost of consumables and hardware dependency. Contact Us for more details.


Experiencing capacity issues? Is your server fleet reaching end of life expectancy? Did your application development team just inform you that you need 3 new servers? Computer Decisions can reduce your overall physical capacity requirements by leveraging the latest Virtualization options. By performing the proper assessments and analysis, Computer Decisions can reduce your physical footprint by over 50%. This reduction lowers the TCO and also strengthens your Disaster Recovery strategy. Virtualization allows business owners to better manage capacity requirements without being challenged with managing a big CapEx hit on their budgets every time they need a slight expansion. Contact Us for more details.


The new evolution of conducting business using technology calls for a constant exchange of digital information. This information exchange is consistent between internal departments, external contacts, customers, potential clients and JV partners. Is all that information Stockpiling in email? Computer Decisions implements collaborative solutions that utilize secure intranets & extranets, shared messaging solutions, instant messaging, video conferencing, presence awareness and more. The flexibility of our implementation will allow customizable configurations that could be limited to individuals, groups, internal and external parties. Lower the risk for disconnected information or lost data. Contact Us for more details.