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Computer Decisions specializes in scalable Integrated solutions which will allow your business to take advantage of the many business-centric services that are available in an Enterprise IT environment. We leverage industry standard guidelines such as ITIL, COBIT, ITSM, and BSM to truly provide your organization "IT as a service", and not just a support tool. Our prime objective is to "Leverage Technology that Is Conducive to Productivity". Computer Decisions improves productivity by enabling company- wide communication, collaboration, and collective knowledge sharing that allows employees to contribute to the innovation process. These capabilities are delivered through a multitude of technologies including 24/7 data access, global collaboration tools, reliable infrastructure services, mobility platforms, integrating cloud services, and many others. However, the productivity and business benefits can only be realized when this complex technology configuration is properly planned, integrated and maintained. Our best practices protocols and years of comprehensive experience in planning, implementation and maintenance of such solutions has allowed Computer Decisions to be a consistently successful technology solution provider.

What we do!

Our team of professional analysts and engineers conduct in-depth analysis of your business requirements and objectives. Our professional services team is knowledgeable in the delivery of both information management and business management solutions. They will work with your organization to assess your current utilization of technology and help you construct, expand and integrate today's technology solutions more efficiently in a highly proficient manner. Computer Decisions is full service infrastructure solutions provider. Our expertise and experience is built on implementation and support of Enterprise Class solutions for global corporations. Today we are leveraging this experience and capability to introduce Enterprise Class solutions to Corporate Suppliers, Non-Profits, Educational Institutions and all B2B entities. Computer Decisions has years of experience providing affordable solutions that are scalable to accommodate the needs and budgets of all organizations.

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